Refurbishing Ex Gov. Homes

2022 Aug

Many families who want to upgrade their homes face the dilemma of choosing which aspects of their home to retain, and which parts of the home can be modified to fit their changing needs. Because people can have emotional attachments to their family homes, it is important that some original aspects of the home can remain, while simultaneously integrating flawlessly with refurbished new structures.

We are currently working with multiple families on residential/domestic projects to create a more comfortable environment to live in. Some homes are in the country, while others are ex-Government homes within existing suburbs from the 1950s. PBDG can offer a whole range of options to design and refurbish your home so that it can accommodate changing family structures that are different to the traditional nuclear family. Energy efficiency, passive house qualities, and highly insulated building envelopes are also things we consider to build a sustainable and high-performing home that can save on heating and cooling bills.

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