Giralang Primary Masterplan
Giralang Primary Masterplan

Giralang Primary Masterplan

2022 August

Thanks to the many workshops and feedback from the school community, Giralang’s Primary’s Masterplan has been completed! Have a read about the design concept below. We look forward to starting the implementation of this Masterplan, and just know the school community will thrive in an environment like this!

The design concept comes from the origin of the name, Giralang, which means Star in the language of the Wiradjuri Aboriginal People of the Central West of New South Wales. The houses of Giralang school are named after constellations, with different colours representing each house.

The concept of these constellations is incorporated into the naturescape masterplan design as a symbol of stars. Tree species are selected to show colourful seasonal changes when they bloom and wither to reflect the colours of the school houses and mimic the everchanging stars in the sky.

The yarning circle represents the galaxy’s centre and is the meeting place for gathering and learning. It is hoped that children can experience the ecology of the four seasons. use natural materials in their unique play, and have a safe, sensory, and imaginative space. Their creativity and well-being will surely be improved in this natural play environment.

Design Concept of the Masterplan

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