Paul Barnett Design Group (PBDG) is a multi-award-winning architecture firm based in Canberra.

With have over 30 years of experience in the industry, PBDG continues to deliver a diverse range of projects throughout Australia.  The firm promotes Artisanship in all aspects of Architecture and Landscape and Arts and Crafts.

With skills in Green and Regenerative and Sustainable buildings and landscape and training in Passiv Haus, Green Star and the Living Building Challenge, PBDG uses intelligent systems to create highly durable yet low-maintenance buildings and landscapes for Community, Government, Education and Private sectors.


Our Philosophy is guided by our values of Green, Sustainable and Regenerative Design

We take great care and responsibility when translating our client’s vision into a reality, with an underlying commitment to sustainable regenerative design principles and quality craftsmanship. Our aim is to design building and landscape environments that serve their purpose specifically and add value to the community and the natural environment


High-performance Buildings

Our Company Director and Senior Architect, Paul Barnett is a certified Passive House Designer with the Passivhaus Institute based in Germany. Passivhaus is a registered and certifiable system of building construction with particular defined performance criteria.

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The beautiful thing about emerging natural biomimicry landscapes is that they just get better and better as plants mature, moss grows, animal and insect life move in, more mobile birdlife appears, and the natural rhythms of growth and decay harmonise. That’s what we are creating!

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Living Pods (Housing)

The diversity of social patterns requires a response that caters for this diversity and one possible solution is what we call the “Living Pod” design. The aesthetic is natural, organic and beautiful and enables all aspects of the community to function.

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PBDG has many consultants and companies that we frequently work alongside.
Including Waterharvesting, Naturescapes, Passive House Accredited, Horticulturalist and Plant Consultant and Building Construction Company etc.
And our collaboration and partnerships have allowed us to deliver the best work and projects to our clients.