Paul Barnett Design Group Pty Ltd
is a privately owned company that provides and has a commitment to providing quality managed architectural services.

We prepare a Quality Project Plan and apply documented quality procedures for every project. We consider the wider community’s health, safety and the natural environment in addition to responding to the project brief. We attempt to make our clients aware of our commitments. We expect our staff to embrace the quality system and execute work in compliance with the system. Implemented quality management practices provides a sound business and service base for our firm assisting our viability as a provider of architectural services.

The company provides services in the following areas.

Institutional: Government, Library, College and School Facilities.
Commercial: Office, Financial Institution and Retail.
Domestic: New and Refurbished Dwellings.
Brief Development: New buildings, Interiors and Furniture.
Environmentally Sustainable Development.
External Landscape Space.


Provide client satisfaction: Improve our service: Improve our skills through professional development programs: Recognise and implement design response to the broader community and natural environment within the scope of our projects: Review performance: Learn from errors and act to prevent their recurrence: Improve efficiency of service delivery: Maintain profitability and viability as a practice.

Our company provides the following services within the framework of a Quality Management Process:

  1. Clarify Client Requirements through a thorough Brief Development Process.
  2. Determine Financial and Time Constraints for the project.
  3. Prepare and manage a Project Program that monitors the delivery of the services within the parameters of the Client’s Requirements.
  4. Create a concept that resolves the requirements of the Client Brief.
  5. Document the concept that will allow effective communication of the Client Requirements to Authorities, User Groups and Contractors, and that conforms to relevant Australian Standards and ISO 9001.
  6. Tender the Contract Documents and negotiate Tender Submissions in accordance with the Client Requirements.
  7. Facilitate the preparation of a Contract between Client and Contractor and administer the contract.

Our company maintains the effectiveness of its Quality Assurance System by the following means:

  1. Conducting regular Management Reviews.
  2. Provides on-going Staff Training.
  3. Conducting regular Internal Audits to verify that the system is current, effective and implemented.

Our company delivers services through a controlled system within a dynamic management philosophy committed to review and improvement. The Quality Assurance System is supported, reviewed and contributed to by all Staff. Directors and Staff are all involved in the maintenance, audit and improvement of our quality system. The Quality Policy is also made available to other interested parties.

Paul Barnett FARA
Director:  19th July 2022