International Eco-House Design Competition
International Eco-House Design Competition

International Eco-House Design Competition

2022 September

PBDG’s design submission is in the final review process after being invited as one of the qualifying firms for the ICIMOD Eco-House Design Competition! Our Regenerative Practices and Living Pod designs have been developed for the purpose of regenerating community and meeting the needs of the ecology and people, so we are so happy to have the opportunity to design Eco-Houses for ICIMOD Living Mountain Lab in Nepal. This exciting project will definitely open up huge opportunities for sustainable design everywhere.

The Eco-House project will be a catalytic act of inclusive, sustainable design that will set the tone for the Living Mountain Lab’s future development. In addition to providing accommodation to guests visiting the LML, the project will serve five primary purposes:

1) It will promote Ecological Resilience by showcasing a wide range of sustainable design strategies and technologies.

2) It will foster Equity by promoting low-cost, culturally responsive and accessible approaches to building and landscape construction.
3) It will serve as venue for Education + Engagement where visitors can learn about socially and environmentally sustainable design
4) It will serve as a platform for Innovation and the development of sustainable design processes, strategies and technologies
5) It will effect meaningful and measurable Impact in the communities and ecosystems.

ICIMOD Design Competition
ICIMOD Living Mountain Lab- Eco Houses Design Competition

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