Rain in Waterharvesting Trenches
Rain in Waterharvesting Trenches

Rain in Waterharvesting Trenches

2022 May

Canberra has had a torrential amount of rain this year, but thankfully with waterharvesting trenches, the water doesn’t all wash into the floodwater drains or erode the soil away. Instead, the water can be retained and slowly seep into the soil, filling up the trenches where the roots of nearby trees can reach.

At various different waterharvesting sites, the water trenches are created differently for different purposes such as feeding starved or dying trees, acting as a barricade on a steep hill and stopping soil erosion, distributing water across a wider area, or even creating natural water play.

Check out how the water has been held at different sites below!

Aranda Primary underground waterharvesting trenches to distribute water evenly to plants
Majura Primary swales to hold water and feed the land
Hackett Park Swales to slow water on hill and stop erosion

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