Aranda Primary Masterplan Zone 3
Aranda Primary Masterplan Zone 3

Aranda Primary Masterplan Zone 3

2021 September

The main elements of Zone 3 of Aranda Primary School’s Masterplan have been completed! Of course, the growth of plants and trees will continue for many years.

The original site was a huge slope where water could not be retained. When it rained, the water would rush down towards the oval and adjoining road and into the stormwater ways. It was not a pleasant place for students to play in during the scorching summers without any shade.

Terracing earthworks were done in early 2018, and each terrace included water harvesting swales to help slow the water flow, let it seep into the soil, and steadily reach all the roots of the trees. 40 trees were planted in September 2021, with a donation of 6 trees from PBDG. With these 6 extra trees, we could create another circle of trees in the middle of the top-most terrace.

As more funding is allocated to this area of the school, we will introduce big rocks, logs, and other smaller shrubberies. We want to create multiple circles of trees that become nests of shaded tranquillity. Children will be able to engage in quiet, social, and imaginative play away from those who enjoy active play in open green spaces.

We look forward to the extra rain this season that will allow these trees to flourish and the children to thrive in this environment.

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