Playscape Design for Community Play
Playscape Design for Community Play

Playscape Design for Community Play

2021 December

Majura Primary School Naturescape is an example of the perfect community nature playscape that allows children to freely play and explore their creativity and gross motor skills. With most of Watson’s play equipment built around the 1980s, residents, families, and children yearn for natural play spaces. During the covid lockdown, temporary bike tracks, stick huts, and other elements of active nature play have appeared around the suburb to satisfy the many families’ needs for outdoor activity. The Majura Primary Naturescape was the perfect place for the community during the covid lockdown, where many masked up people could be seen having fun and exercising their lockdown blues away. We are glad that everyone enjoys and appreciates the naturescapes!

At the heart of Watson is the biggest natural playscape in the inner north, the Majura Naturescapes. How lucky we are to have such a space in our community!

It really was the perfect place for Watsoners to get close to nature to detox from lockdown pressures. When we went on our daily walks, it was so joyful to see so many community members enjoying the outdoors, and children laughing and playing on the naturescapes. We have heard from neighbours how difficult online learning has been on young children, so it is a great benefit to be able to live so close and get out into a natural outdoor ecological classroom. Some parents even joined their children in their play, taking a much needed break from their home offices to exercise. We look forward to more natural green micro-ecosystems in the area for community members of all ages to enjoy the huge physical, mental, and communal benefits. 

Watzon Newsletter 2021 Summer Edition- Community Working Bee to create a Natural Oasis

The Watzon Newsletter is a quarterly community-produced newsletter in Canberra’s inner-north suburb Watson. A collection of these newsletters started by Watson Community Association over 20 years ago are held in the Archives at the National Library of Australia.

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