Habitat Design for Orana Kindergarten
Habitat Design for Orana Kindergarten

Habitat Design for Orana Kindergarten

2021 September

Orana Steiner School involved Paul Barnett 20 years ago in the design of the educational-philosophy-inspired school environment and his very first naturescape project. He was also on the school board as a consultant for the management of the naturescapes. The natural environment has matured, and the design concepts are still very relevant to educational campuses and the nurturing of children even now.

Educational Philosophy

Many of the educational clients that PBDG has previously worked with and continued a close partnership with have very strong principles about the education of children in nature. As a result, the majority of PBDG educational naturescape projects have been designed with the underlying concept of “no child inside.”

A Steiner education fosters the human spirit in children and young adults, allowing them to flourish in a holistic learning environment that is oriented towards moral growth, social consciousness and citizenship.  

Our schools seek to nurture each individual and connect them to the reverence and awe of the natural environment, one another, and the world around them. 

Steiner Education Australia

This education principle and concept has guided the designs of these educational spaces to encourage students to be in touch with natural geometry, the natural systems of life, and natural bio-mimicking landscapes. Examples at the Orana Kindergarten are the Crystalline shapes on the ceiling, an entrance that embraces the children in a womb, and a naturescape that will mimic a micro-ecosystem as it grows.

Orana Kindergarten

Paul Barnett has been doing online teaching with international universities, sharing regenerative design concepts and his expertise from his 30+ years of experience in the industry. He has been sharing the extensive design thinking and sophisticated educational philosophy behind the Orana Kindergarten, like the meaning behind the round classrooms, and how the design supports their journey of leaving their parents, all of which can be watched in the video below.

Children are immersed in the natural environment daily, engaging in nature walks, self-directed play in our extensive gardens and the celebration of Orana’s surroundings.

Orana Steiner School