Hackett Community Park Swales Work
Hackett Community Park Swales Work

Hackett Community Park Swales Work

2021 August

Hacket Community Association received an ACT Government Grant, Nature in the City, to create waterharvesting swales at Bragg St/Brennan St Park. The park has long had water runoff, soil erosion, and drain blockage problems because of the rainwater from Mount Majura.

PBDG, Paul Totterdel, and Jonathan Totterdel’s Team joined the volunteer task force to solve these issues. The original plan for 1 large swale went out the window as everyone involved became passionate about creating a space that is in harmony with nature. The 7 waterharvesting swales were completed in early August 2021, and they have been immediately effective during the recent rains. We were all glad to volunteer our skills and time to this community project, and we look forward to future working bees with the community.

We were absolutely thrilled to see these ‘puddles ‘ as a younger member of our neighbourhood described them .

Remember a ‘Swale’ is a method of passively collecting water or water harvesting . The science behind this is to enhance revegetation of green spaces.

During the summer of 2019/2020 this park was for want of a better word ‘ a dust bowl’ any rain that fell would run off the ground into the storm water drain.

Hackett Community Association Facebook Post

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