ACT Smart Energy Efficient Homes
ACT Smart Energy Efficient Homes

ACT Smart Energy Efficient Homes

2021 April


As part of the ACTSmart Sustainable Home Advice Program, Paul Barnett gave a talk about “MAKING HOMES MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT”. With his 30 years of experience in building high-performance buildings and using solar passive and passive house design, he shared many concepts that were helpful for saving bills and increasing energy efficiency.

He shared some design concepts like regenerative design and passive house design, building envelopes, and showed examples of thermal imaging. Paul gave some very practical advice on how to build or renovate your home to be most energy-efficient, as well as some tips for people renting their homes and would like some easy solutions.

Here are some short clips of the presentation.

If you are looking to improve your home energy efficiency and lower your bills, please get in touch!

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