EXPERT TALK- Australian Green Building Certification Systems
EXPERT TALK- Australian Green Building Certification Systems

EXPERT TALK- Australian Green Building Certification Systems

2021 November
Master Lecture Series- Paul Barnett Interview Part 1

Paul Barnett was invited by Green Building Magazine to feature as a Master Lecture Series Interviewee in their latest book publication- “Green, Buildings, People”.

He talks about Australian Green Building Certification Systems, Greenstar and NABERS, and the differences and similarities between the core concepts of the two.

Green Star is enabling us to consider a pallet of ideas and enable the industry to grow in awareness. Although the Green systems do not sustain the environment, they are moving all of us toward a conscious sustainable and regenerative design approach. The Green Star system has created a leadership category at the end of the 7 categories, for the initiative, ideas, and leading-edge development that is going to be taking us through the next generation as we move from Green to sustainable to regenerative design. NABERS measure the performance of existing building stock. Green Star promotes a Green agenda in design and construction and encourages innovation within our current paradigm. Although the existing and new buildings are still predominantly being built under the old paradigm, a paradigm that no longer fits the need to sustain and regenerate community and the planet, there is recognition of the challenge to create habitat that is emerging as we evolve from Green to Sustainable and to Regenerative creation of out habitat. This is where our consciousness is being directed.

Excerpt from Green Building Certification Systems

The two complex evaluation systems of NABERS and Green Star are discussed in simple language for us to understand the characteristics of each system, its methods, advantages and challenges, and the future development trends. Paul’s concise descriptions and explanations show his Master skill and experience.

The content of the PAUL BARNETT interview is on the Youtube channel of the Green Building Magazine, so we hope that more people interested in green buildings can receive first-hand information from Australia!

Green Building Magazine

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